English Language / Media Studies KS3: How regional news differs from national news

Tina Daheley visits Cardiff and looks at ways that BBC Wales might report on the event, looking at local angles on international stories.

Through a series of vox pop interviews, the effects of open and closed questions are presented and the need for balanced reporting is emphasized through the use of contrasting vox pops.

Students are encourages to think about the way that local news reports include stories of particular interest to people living in that region, as well as offering local angles and views on global issues.

The clip also explains regional accent and dialect, with examples of speakers from different areas of Wales and a brief discussion of the main features of Welsh accents.

This clip is from the series Making the News.

Teacher Notes

You could ask students to prepare their own regional news report on a global news item. Ideally they would complete independent work, where they interview people in the local community.

Compare national and local news reports of the same story and ask students to note the different perspectives that are offered by each.

Curriculum Notes

This series is relevant for teaching English and Media Studies at Key Stage 3 in England, Northern Ireland and Wales and at Level 3 in Scotland.