English KS2: Homophone sentence show

A pair of homophones are demonstrated being used in the same sentence, shown pictorially to represent their meaning.

Some of the example sentences include; 'I hear it’s here', 'Keeping the peace is a piece of cake', 'Don’t worry I’ve seen him make a scene like this before' and 'It’s big enough to make a grown man groan'.

There is a final recap of all the homophones used with an explanation of who’s and whose; ‘who’s’ is a contraction of ‘who is’, whereas ‘whose’ is a pronoun like mine or their.

This short film is from the BBC series, Wonderful Words, a series of animated clips to support vocabulary knowledge.

Teacher Notes

This short film could be used to introduce or to reinforce the different meanings and spellings of common homophones.

Pupils could be given a passage that includes a variety of homophones, and asked to find them all.

Curriculum Notes

This short film is relevant to teaching English at KS2 level in England and Northern Ireland and Second Level in Scotland.

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