KS2 English: Viking Sagas. 9: Apples of Iduna - Part 3

9: Apples of Iduna - Part 3

Time passes and the gods and goddesses grow older and weaker. Loki doesn't let on that he is the cause of the problem and to begin with it seems he has got away with it.

But one day Odin comes to see him: it turns out that Heimdall saw everything that happened in Iduna's garden, including Loki laughing as the eagle-giant, Thiassi, carried Iduna away. Loki has no choice but to admit to his trick and Odin orders him to go to Jotunheim to rescue Iduna.

Loki shape-changes into a falcon and flies to the icy land of the giants. At Thiassi's castle he perches on a window sill and listens as Thiassi and Iduna row. Thiassi takes one of Iduna's apples from the basket...but it withers in his hand. Only Iduna can handle them. When Thiassi leaves Loki hops down and persuades Iduna he really has come to rescue her. He transforms her into a sparrow and the basket of apples into a pip and together they set off back to Asgard.

Teacher Notes

This series can be used to increase pupils' familiarity with a broad range of texts and narratives, including myths, legends and traditional stories and to make connections between these and other stories they are familiar with.

It will also support a broad range of writing objectives.

Curriculum Notes

This series is relevant for teaching English at KS2, in England and Wales and Northern Ireland, and at First and Second Level in Scotland.

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