English KS2: The Enormous Pumpkin (no narration)

The classic tale is told using synchronised movement and a really enormous pumpkin!

A farmer plants seeds in a field and waits to see what will grow. She falls asleep and on waking finds that what has grown is the most enormous pumpkin!

She calls her husband and together they try to shift it.

They ask for more and more help and eventually manage to haul the pumpkin out of the field - meaning everyone can share in the resulting feast!

Teacher Notes

This clip could be used as part of study on traditional tales.

Let the children watch the clip and discuss the main events and the fact that there is no dialogue in the clip.

Split the class up into groups and give them responsibility for acting out part of the story adding the dialogue they think is appropriate for their event.

Put the whole class together to perform the story and use the dialogue and vocabulary from the performance to support the children in writing this tale.

Could also be used in conjunction with traditional text.

Compare and contrast the story or use it as a vehicle for hot seating to explore the characters.

Create character descriptions eg tired, happy, hard-working.

Use images of expression to develop emotional language eg happy, sad, tired and excited.

Re-enact the story through drama.

The piece could also be used for counting, and measuring in Maths. It could be used as an introduction to 'Growing plants' and 'Forces' in Science.

Curriculum Notes

Suitable for teaching English Literature at KS2 in England and Wales, and Early, 1st and 2nd level in Scotland.

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