English KS2: Once Upon a Time - 'Icarus' (no narration)

A simplified version of the classic Greek myth of Icarus is told using interpretive dance.

A father and son are in prison in a tower when a feather falls through the window, giving the father an idea to escape.

He looks at the feather and at his son before hatching a plan.

They empty their pillows of feathers and using candle wax, make beautiful wings.

Running through the castle to find a way out, the father launches his son up towards the sky and watches him fly away over the castle.

But he flies towards the sun, the candle wax melts and the boy fall back to earth.

Teacher Notes

This clip can be used to explore many different forms of writing.

Following watching the clip, discuss with the class what other possible ways the father and son may have tried to escape from prison and consider which would also result in a tragic ending or which may allow both father and son to survive and escape.

The children can then write instructions for their new invented means of escape or re write the ending of the story using their chosen escape route.

Curriculum Notes

Suitable for teaching English Literature at KS2 in England and Wales, and Early, 1st and 2nd level in Scotland.

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