English KS2: Meet the family

Ben is keen to improve his French. He links up online with Lili who lives in Marseille and meets her family.

Ben can see immediately that someone is celebrating their birthday, as there are balloons and decorations everywhere.

It is in fact Lili’s 13th birthday and she is celebrating with her family.

Lili introduces Ben to her parents, her three little sisters, three cousins and two grandparents.

Ben wonders if Lili has any brothers and works out how to ask this in French – Lili as-tu des frères?

Lili asks Ben to take a photo of her family.

He organises the family into the best position for a brilliant photo!

This clip is from the series Virtually There: France.

Teacher Notes

This could be used as a good listening activity for pupils to listen out for differences in frère/frères, sœur/sœurs, cousin/cousins?

How do they know the word is plural? What are the clues? E.g. trois sœurs, les cousins.

This could also support the use of classroom language by singing singing Joyeux anniversaire to pupils on their birthday.

Pupils could compare conventions of birthday celebrations in different countries.

What is similar and what is different? Invite pupils who speak other languages to share how they wish someone ‘happy birthday’.

Curriculum Notes

These clips could be used for teaching French at KS2 in England, Foundation KS1,KS2 in Northern Ireland, KS2 and KS3 in Wales and 2nd Level in Scotland.

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