KS2 English: Macbeth. 6: Something wicked this way comes

6: Something wicked this way comes

Ross and Lennox meet on the walls of Dunsinane and determine to leave Macbeth's side in favour of Malcolm and Macduff.

Macbeth returns to the Weird Sisters, seeking reassurance. They tell him to 'beware Macduff', but that he cannot be harmed 'by any man born of a woman' and that he will be safe until 'Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane.' Macbeth is relieved, believing himself to be safe.

Lennox arrives with news that Macduff is raising an army in England. Macbeth vows to punish Macduff by killing his wife and family.

Teacher Notes

This series provides various opportunities to meet Key Stage 2 National Curriculum requirements, including study of a significant author, reading techniques such as prediction, drawing inferences, clarification and summary; and drama and writing opportunities - including poetry performance, descriptive writing, persuasive writing, letter writing, newspaper article writing, poetry and play scripts.

It could be used as an introduction to the play, consolidation of key aspects or for revision of the plot and characters.

More detail on how to use this series, including detailed lesson plans, can be found in the Teacher's Notes PDF.

Teacher's Notes (pdf)

Curriculum Notes

This series is relevant for teaching English at KS2, in England and Wales and Northern Ireland, and at Second Level in Scotland.

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