KS1 English: Little Red Riding Hood - Episode 2

While Red Riding Hood sleeps peacefully at home the creatures of the woods are not having such a restful night.

A very hungry Wolf is out on the prowl looking for food, but he's not having any luck.

After an unsucessful attempt to eat the Three Little Pigs - and with spikes stuck in his nose from a headgehog - he returns home to plot his next move.

Night turns to morning and after hearing the distant chiming of bells from the village he has an idea of where he can get food.

He creeps towards the village, up to a rose-covered cottage, where he catches of glimpse of Red Riding Hood in the garden...

Teacher Notes

This series can be used to increase pupils' familiarity with a broad range of texts and narratives, including myths, legends and traditional stories and to make connections between these and other stories they are familiar with.

It will also support a broad range of writing objectives.

Curriculum Notes

This series is relevant for teaching English at KS1, in England and Wales and Northern Ireland, and at First Level in Scotland.

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