KS1 English: Jack and the Beanstalk - Episode 1

1. What shall we do?

Jack lives in a small village with his Ma and Daisy the cow.

One day Jack is enjoying a wonderful day-dream, full of food and tasty things to eat. But when Jack's mother wakes him he is confronted by reality: they are very poor and there is hardly anything left to eat at home.

If they can't think of something soon they'll starve.

Teacher Notes

This series can be used to increase pupils' familiarity with a broad range of texts and narratives, including myths, legends and traditional stories and to make connections between these and other stories they are familiar with.

It will also support a broad range of writing objectives.

Curriculum Notes

This series is relevant for teaching English at KS1, in England and Wales and Northern Ireland, and at First Level in Scotland.

2: We have to sell Daisy
3: Jack went to market
4: Five magic beans