English KS1 / KS2: The Butterfly Lion' by Michael Morpurgo

Stefan accompanies Minshad on a hunt for new fungus strains and then heads off to Dorothy Stringer High School in Brighton.

There he follows a bird walk with a group of students who are collecting data on bird populations to see if the biodiversity is changing.

He discusses the results for the first four years of the project with two students.

Finally he leaves them planting saplings to attract butterflies and promote biodiversity in their area.

This clip is from the series Bringing Books to Life.

Teacher Notes

Challenge students to identify the tone and style in which ‘The Butterfly Lion’ is written.

Students could explore the way that Morpurgo changes the story's setting from the present to the past.

They could discuss why they think he does this.

To help students identify the changes in the story, they could create a table which details ways of identifying each time period and setting.

Ask students to explore the emotions which they think the author wanted his readers to experience.

This could lead to a wider discussion about the range of emotions which students have experienced when reading different books. Has a book ever made them cry? Have they ever laughed out loud? Is it possible for a book to make you feel both happy and sad at the same time?

Curriculum Notes

These clips are suitable for teaching English and Literacy at Key Stage 1, 1st Level, Key Stage 2 and 2nd Level.

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