GCSE / National 5 Drama: Set and costume (pt 3/8)

Alice Levine meets Charlie and the Chocolate Factory set designer Mark Thompson, and finds out about the work that goes into creating such a complex production design.

She talks to actor Jasna Ivir who plays Mrs Gloop about how performers work with set and costume to help develop their character.

Teacher Notes

Students could outline the set challenges for a play that they are studying.

They could describe a set that they have seen and evaluate the impact that this had on them as a member of the audience.

They should consider how it helped them to understand the plot and themes within the play. This could support students when reviewing live theatre performances.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be useful for teaching Drama, particularly performance skills at Key Stage 4 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and National 4/5 in Scotland. It could also be useful for people of any age preparing for an acting role.

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