GCSE / National 5 Drama: Preparing for a role (pt 7/8)

It’s the day Radio 1 presenter Alive Levine has been building towards - her performance on stage as Nurse Annie in Warhorse.

She's feeling nervous, so she finds lead actor, James Backway, to run through some preparation tips before she takes the stage.

We see Alice transform into the character of nurse Annie Gilbert as she goes through hair and make up.

Teacher Notes

Students could research the social, cultural and historical influences on their character.

They could create a collage of images that reflect the life of the character and design a costume for a character that they are studying.

Students could experiment with costume and could be encouraged to reflect upon how this influences their performance.

They could annotate their scripts to reflect on the objective of their character for each scene and the play as a whole.

Students could be encouraged to consider how their characterisation is influenced by a variety of dramatic elements and how these elements come together to support their overall portrayal of a character.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be useful for teaching Drama, particularly performance skills at Key Stage 4 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and National 4/5 in Scotland. It could also be useful for people of any age preparing for an acting role.

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