GCSE / National 5 Drama: Working with multimedia

Radio 1 presenter Alice Levine meets Kaffe Keating, the actor who plays Christopher in the hit West End play The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, to learn how using video and lighting design can enhance storytelling.

Kaffe shows her some of the effects from this highly technological production, and explains how they can be more flexible than naturalistic design.

Alice then talks to Finn Ross, the video designer for the production.

He explains that budget limitations can mean creative challenges, and that video and lighting can be excellent ways of telling a story in a non-naturalistic way.

Teacher Notes

Students could consider how they would use multimedia to enhance a performance that they have created.

They could take a scene from a play that they are studying and consider how to use light, projection and music to communicate a theme within it.

They could try putting this into practice and evaluating the impact that this has on the performers and the audience.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be useful for teaching Drama or Theatre Studies, particularly theatre design, at Key Stage 4 and above in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and National 4/5 and above in Scotland. It could also be useful for people of any age preparing for an acting role.

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