Design and Technology KS2: Developing ideas for inventions

Fran Scott interviews inventors about the importance of producing prototypes and developing their designs.

She meets Emily Cummins in her garden shed to discuss some of her sustainable inventions, which include a water carrier and a fridge that does not need any power.

Rob Smith also takes Fran through the process he used to develop a gripping aid.

This clip is from the series You Too Can Be an Absolute Genius.

Teacher Notes

The class could produce designs for products that would be useful in the developing world.

Students could research life in a particular country or area, perhaps through an existing twinned-school, or through a visit from a representative of a local charity that works in a less economically developed country.

The class should inform their ideas by considering what the daily needs and wants of people are, as well as some of the limitations (access to clean water, electricity and other factors).

Curriculum Notes

This clip is suitable for teaching Design & Technology at KS2 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 2nd level in Scotland. Appears in AQA/OCR/EDEXCEL/CCEA/WJEC/SQA.

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