Design and Technology KS2 / KS3: The story behind fish and chips

Images, practical cooking demonstration and commentary explains where each ingredients for a traditional fish and chip meal comes from.

A home-made baked fish with chunky potato wedges is shown as a healthier alternative to the fried take-away.

Fishing boats and Brixham fish auction sets the scene for buying and preparing the freshly caught fish.

Potatoes are seen growing and harvested.

This clip is from the series The Secret Life of Our Favourite.

Teacher Notes

Pupils could make the dish shown or make chunky potato wedges.

They could taste some prepared fish dishes (fish fingers, fish bake, fish cakes), deciding who they would be suitable for, when they would be eaten, what ingredients have been used and why, and exploring how they have been made.

Vegetarian and/or vegan pupils could modify a traditional recipe (with a vegetarian/vegan friendly alternative) and/or create something suitable for those who don't eat fish (for example stuffed mushrooms, burgers).

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching Design and Technology and/or Food Technology at KS2 and KS3 in England and Wales, and 2nd and 3rd level in Scotland.

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