Design and Technology KS2/3: The story behind a salad

Where do common salad ingredients come from, where are they grown, why are they used and what do they add to the finished dish?

Find out about various salads including Caesar salad, Waldorf salad and Greek salad.

Explore how cucumbers are grown in controlled conditions, why they are harvested straight and how they are mainly water.

It shows how onions are grown and harvested, and why onions makes us cry.

Teacher Notes

Pupils could make the salads shown.

They could taste some prepared salads and compare them with home-made ones (coleslaw, bean salad, rice salad) for cost, nutritional value and flavour.

They can decide who they would be suitable for, when they would be eaten, what ingredients have been used and why, and exploring how they have been made.

Pupils could choose from a range of salad ingredients to create a salad suitable for a particular person or occasion - they could make a salad to be served at the school lunch salad bar that meets the School Food Standards.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching Design and Technology and/or Food Technology at KS2 and KS3 in England and Wales, and 2nd and 3rd level in Scotland.

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