Citizenship GCSE: What is Political power?

This short film provides an animated summary of the key aspects relating to political power.

The history, forms and ideas that make and maintain political power are all examined.

While the film serves to provide an overview of the general concepts, it largely focuses on political power in the United Kingdom.

Through a series of engaging animations, it provides an explanation of subjects as they pertain to modern day life, including representative and direct democracy.

Teacher Notes

This short film could provide a springboard for a class research project and discussion on the merits of representative democracy versus direct democracy, and versus other forms of governance.

Curriculum Notes

This short film covers the following aspects of all UK curricula:

  • Parliamentary democracy and the key elements of the constitution of the United Kingdom, including the power of government, the role of citizens and Parliament in holding those in power to account, and the different roles of the executive, legislature and judiciary and a free press.
  • The different electoral systems used in and beyond the United Kingdom and actions citizens can take in democratic and electoral processes to influence decisions locally, nationally and beyond.
  • The legal system in the UK, different sources of law and how the law helps society deal with complex problems.
  • The different ways in which a citizen can contribute to the improvement of his or her community, to include the opportunity to participate actively in community volunteering, as well as other forms of responsible activity.
  • Other systems and forms of government, both democratic and non-democratic, beyond the United Kingdom.

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