Citizenship GCSE: British Law and the Constitution

This short animated film explores the foundation of British law: the British Constitution.

Through authentic archival illustrations and modern animation, it examines the history, structure and function of the British constitution.

Presented in a fun and accessible way, it explains how the constitution orders and separates the British legal system into different roles and responsibilities.

Some of the fundamental ideas that underpin the legal system, including the rule of law, are also explored.

Teacher Notes

After watching this short film you could discuss the philosophical and religious influences which underpin and inform documents, such as Magna Carta.

Curriculum Notes

This short film covers the following aspects of all UK curricula:

  • Parliamentary democracy and the key elements of the constitution of the United Kingdom, including the power of government, the role of citizens and Parliament in holding those in power to account, and the different roles of the executive, legislature and judiciary and a free press.
  • Other systems and forms of government, both democratic and non-democratic, beyond the United Kingdom.
  • Local, regional and international governance and the United Kingdom’s relations with the rest of Europe, the Commonwealth, the United Nations and the wider world.
  • Human rights and international law.
  • The legal system in the UK, different sources of law and how the law helps society deal with complex problems.
  • Keen awareness and understanding of democracy, government and law.

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