Business GCSE / National 5: How to market a new cereal

How Kellogg’s use the marketing mix of price product promotion and place to launch a new breakfast cereal for children.

A new product launch has high costs and carries high risks - most launches fail.

Success depends on getting all elements of the marketing mix working together.

Using the tagline “Choc fibre fun”, we see how a new healthy chocolate bar with high fibre and low sugar and saturated fat is marketed.

The importance of distribution through supermarkets is highlighted, with industry experts explaining that products have a short time to justify their place in crowded shelves.

The use of public relations and advertising to raise awareness and stimulate trial purchases is explained

Teacher Notes

Key Stage 4

This short film could be used to demonstrate how the four 4P’s in the marketing mix work together. Students might explore which elements of the marketing mix are most important for a given product of their choice.

They can visit supermarkets to research examples of recent product launches, or research examples of historic product launches.

Why did these items succeed or fail?

Students could be set the challenge of creating their own healthy breakfast cereal, explaining how the elements of the marketing mix are integrated.

Key Stage 5

This short film could be used to set the context for a market mapping exercise where students are identifying competitive products in the supermarket and placing them on a market map comparing health and taste. Can a market gap be identified?

Curriculum Notes

This short film is suitable for teaching GCSE (KS4) / National 5 business.

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