Design and Technology KS4: A prosthetic leg for ballet

Follow the design process as an engineer tries to design a custom prosthetic leg for ballet.

Engineer, Yusuf Mohammed, takes up the challenge to build Polyanna a prosthetic leg with the required movement in the foot to point her feat.

12-year-old Pollyanna lost her leg in an accident when she was just two years old.

In the last ten years she has had 21 operations and been fitted with more than 20 different prosthetic legs as she has grown up.

Pollyanna has a determination not to let her disability hold her back from achieving her goals, including her dream of becoming a ballerina.

But the ballet world is unforgiving and Pollyanna has been marked down in exams for being unable to do moves that would involve her missing leg, including going up on her toes – or demi-pointe.

See how Yusuf researches and designs a new product to solve this complex engineering problem.

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