Design and Technology KS3/4: Helping Ayala play

Designer and engineer Ross Atkin designs twin robots for Ayala and her sister.

Follow the process as he researches and designs a new assistive technology.

Ross designs two robots, one that Ayala can operate using head switches on her wheelchair, the other, her sister Caira operates using an identical hand held switch.

He also builds Ayala a mechanical drawing machine and a bespoke App to control it.

Ayala and her twin Caira, both 8, were born prematurely at 25 weeks, with severe bleeds on the brain and holes in their hearts.

Caira developed into an able bodied child with vocal cord paralysis – which results in her having a husk in her voice, and Ayala has cerebral palsy.

Can the team find a way for the girls to play together on an equal footing?

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