Art and Design / English KS2: Get Creative

A series of short films designed to inspire creativity in your classroom.

'Get Creative' includes four short films for art and design classes and four short films for use during creative writing classes, exploring creativity in real world situations to emphasize the importance of creativity to pupils aged 7-11.

Highlights of this series include:

  • How to create a stop-motion animation with BAFTA-winning animation director Nush Kishani Naanayakkara
  • How to write a television script on the set of a popular CBBC show
  • How to design a costume with master costume designer Scott Langridge
  • How to write song lyrics with master songwriter Janet Devlin

Art and Design

Stop-motion Animation
Cake Sculptures
Teacher and primary art and design consultant Emily Gopaul introduces the four short films focused on art and design, and gives advice on how to use this series in the classroom.
Costume Design
Product Design


Creative writing

Write a poem
Write a script
Teacher and writer Vicky McFarland introduces the four short films focused on creative writing and explains how they can be used in your classroom.
Write song lyrics
Create a story