Music can provide 'sense of achievement' for autistic children

A love of music brings a "lovely connection" between autistic children and their parents, musician Amy Newhouse-Smith has explained.

Amy's seven-year-old son Sam was diagnosed with autism when he was three.

She said music has given her son a focus that is different to other things he does.

The National Autistic Society say there are 700,000 children and adults with autism in the UK.

Amy said that when she first played piano to Sam "he cried...I think it was all too much for him.

"I think the sound was like nothing he'd ever heard, so I was very aware that I needed to be gentle about it."

Amy, who co-wrote and composed the Be in the Band song for Bring The Noise, said music had boosted Sam's confidence, "There's a small sense of achievement when he's able to reproduce something on piano or something like that, or to play with me.

"When he can hear that he's playing it, that makes him happy.

"I think he enjoys recreating it, especially when he gets a positive reaction from me or somebody else."

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