Infamous fails from the Super Bowl half-time Show

Miami will be host for the 54th Super Bowl where San Francisco 49ers will compete against the Kansas City Chiefs to decide who wins the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The game will be shown live on BBC Two at 23:00 on Sunday 2 February.

Since 1991 the NFL’s Super Bowl series have hosted the best musicians from pop and rock music world in the game's half-time break.

Recent headliners have included Maroon 5, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Madonna. Before the 1990s many of the half-time shows would feature university marching bands.

The half-time show attracts up to 120 million viewers which means every note sung can be critiqued and any slip ups have a worldwide audience. No pressure then.

The game will be shown live on BBC 2 at 23:00 on Sunday 2 February.

Here, warts and all, are some of the most memorable moments from the Super Bowl half-time breaks.

From left to right: Nicki Manaj, Madonna and M.I.A

Bruce's powerslide

Year: 2009

What happened: Bruce Springsteen was incredibly animated while performing in Florida, encouraging the crowd to join in with his set.

The blue-collar rock singer was so pumped to be playing that he ran from one side of the stage to the other concentrating his momentum into a rock’n’roll powerslide in time with accompanying E-Street Band.

He mistimed the slide and hurtled into the camera operator with such velocity that he had to catch the operator from falling backwards into the crowd.

Springsteen was seen smiling immediately after the event and he carried on with the rest of the halftime set.

Fergie and Slash

Year: 2011

What happened: The Black Eyed Peas played the 2011 half-time show with guests RnB singer Usher and guitarist Slash from Guns N’ Roses.

When Slash rose from underneath the stage playing the iconic riff from Sweet Child O’Mine he was joined by Fergie, taking the place of Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose.

Rather than sing in her own voice, which had accomplished number one hits globally, Fergie decided to channel Axl Rose’s, descending the performance to a karaoke quality rendition of the 1987 song.

Luckily for everyone the hair-metal segue lasted no more than a couple of minutes.

Left Shark

Year: 2015

What happened: Although this moment happened during Katy Perry’s set there was nothing that Katy Perry could do about what happened.

When singing California Girls, Katy Perry was supported by a couple of seven-foot tall choreographed dancing sharks, but one was distractingly out of step with the other.

The marine predator can be seen awkwardly walking around the stage design and floundering in the spotlight.

The footage went viral and the culprit was appropriately identified as Left Shark.

Oh M.I.A Goodness!

Year: 2012

What happened: A lot of headline artists now invite other musicians to play at the half-time show as a way of packing as much music into the programme as possible as well as featuring local talent.

Pop star Madonna invited LMFAO, CeeLo Green, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A in 2015 to an Indianapolis crowd.

In the carousel of pop stars appearing on stage with Madonna, M.I.A looked down the lens of the camera and gave an offensive hand gesture to millions of people.

The British rapper subsequently said nerves and adrenaline got the better of her but the NFL and US broadcaster NBC fined M.I.A $16 million (£12.7 million), claiming she had damaged the brand.

The two parties agreed on a settlement privately.

Justin Timberlake & Janet Jackson

Year: 2004

What happened:

At the climax of Justin Timberlake’s joint performance with Janet Jackson the most unfortunate wardrobe malfunction occurred, partially revealing Janet Jackson’s right breast live on TV.

There were theories the incident was intentional but both Timberlake and Jackson issued public apologies saying that they did not mean to offend.

The broadcaster CBS was fined $550,000 (£423,189) by the Federal Communications Commission and MTV was banned from producing any future Super Bowl half-time shows.

Which shark was the culprit?

Kid Rock breaks the law

What year: 2004

What happened: What a year 2004 was, indecent exposure and now desecrating the United States of America’s flag.

Hard rocker Kid Rock fashioned a poncho out of the stars and stripes flag which classifies as defacing the national flag.

Kid Rock did acquire a considerable number of complaints, yet very much in the shadow of Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s slip up, so the act went largely unnoticed by most.

No acknowledgement of desecrating the flag was mentioned in MTV’s apology for the half-time show which infuriated many American armed forces veterans.

Beyonce is camera shy

Year: 2013

What happened: How ironic is it that the most memorable moment is one that almost wasn’t allowed to be?

Beyonce headlined the 2013 Super Bowl Halftime show and it was incredible, one of the strongest in recent times.

Beyonce even used the show to reunite Destiny’s Child, the female group that established her career before she went solo.

There were hundreds of professional photos taken of the half-time show which of course includes unflattering images of Beyonce during her performance.

In the days that followed there was a hunt by 'Beyonce's people' for all of less desired pictures.

It was too late and some of the images had become viral memes within hours of the event.

One image that featured in many online viral parodies is still undiscoverable in recognised photo libraries.

The PR agent was put on the scent again in 2018 after she performed at the Coachella Festival, California.

Now, if you want to publish a photo of Beyonce you better get an approved photo from the official Beyonce gallery.

2016 Super Bowl 50 halftime performance was by Coldplay along with Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson

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