Simple music Teacher Techniques for non-specialist teachers

Watch two music teachers demonstrate simple activities that inspire teacher confidence and pupil engagement for better teaching results.

Both music teachers will explain how to introduce musical games and activities with tips and practical examples. The activities are separated into stages, so you can start your own music activities step-by-step and at your own pace.

With little need for musical instruments, each of the music teachers help deliver fundamental music learning based on traditional techniques. You will be able to teach pupils to express themselves musically by using their voice and through physical movement as they learn about pitch and a sense of pulse.

Jimmy highlights the usefulness of long term learning for the whole of primary school. Holding back on any music notation and symbols, he focusses on the essentials with practices influenced by Kodaly and Dalcroze teachings, which support unconscious learning.

Music teacher Lindsay works with a non-specialist teacher and helps her run a simple music class with games and activities. Over a series of sessions, the teacher gains confidence as she implements Lindsay's tips and the pupils are keen to get more involved.

Curriculum notes

This film depicts activities suitable for teaching music at EYFS and Key Stage 1 in England, Foundation in Wales, Early Years and Foundation KS1 in Northern Ireland and Early and First Level in Scotland.

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