EYFS/KS1 Music: National Pioneers

The United Kingdom is filled with music! Whether it's England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, there's a long history of traditional music and talented modern musicians.

In National Pioneers, a musician from one of the four Nations tells a story about how music changed their childhood and introduces a traditional local instrument alongside one of their own songs.

Watch and inspire your children with stories from Rapper Nadia Rose about rhyme, to a rock band Lucia and the Best Boys and singers Bridie Monds-Watson - also known as SOAK - and Kizzy Crawford.

Listen to their stories and learn about using traditional instruments like the fiddle, tabwrdd, accordion and tin whistle.

These resources support Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 level. Listening to a wide range of live and recorded music is an important part of the music curriculum for ages 4 to 7-years-old.

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