JP Cooper's childhood in music

When learning music "the important thing is allowing kids to express what’s inside them", musician JP Cooper has said.

The British singer-songwriter says he started learning music by just trying different things out for himself, "I can remember once doing a performance, just hitting bins with sticks, you know making these drum beats," he said.

"Anything like that was so fascinating.

"My attention span was quite short as a kid, it was something I had to really develop."

"Young kids who have never picked up a guitar or had a music lesson in their life are picking up an iPad and just allowing their brains to just pour out in to this thing," Cooper said.

"They are making incredible music that is changing the course of popular music."

John Paul Cooper was born in Manchester where he spent most of his childhood with his four older sisters. He was a keen sportsman but it was in his teens when his love of grunge began and he taught himself to play the guitar.

He later went on to form a rock band while he was still at school.

For aspiring musicians today Cooper advises to experiment and not worry about how your first work sounds "It's just a case of get it all out and refine it afterwards.

"A lot of the time we are our own worst critics."

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