Gregory Porter performs Hands In The Air

American singer, songwriter Gregory Porter, gives a special performance of Bring the Noise song, Hands in the Air, with pianist Chip Crawford.

"I think young children should be encouraged to get involved with music because this idea of self-expression and release of creativity, I think it can be really important for children," the Grammy Award winner said.

Gregory Porter was born in Sacramento, California and didn't start his music recording career until he was almost 40-years-old.

Raised as one of seven children by a preacher mother he initially started out as an American college footballer but this was cut short by an injury. Following the death of his mother Ruth, he decided to commit to a career in music.

"Music is something that we have inside of us when we’re born – it’s there already," Porter said.

"Just bring it out in whatever organic way that you can."

The jazz singer smashed the British top five of this decade with his first jazz album Take Me to the Alley.

The hit was his fourth studio album and the lyrics were inspired by his late mother, who often engaged in charitable activities, giving food and shelter to the less fortunate.

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