Found Sounds: Hosepipe Horn

The Mighty Music Makers create musical instruments using everyday objects.

Saxophonist and TV presenter YolanDa Brown explores an allotment and finds gardening tools to turn into instruments. The children make a hosepipe horn with a hose pipe, funnel, hose connector and some tape.

How it works

The hosepipe horn works similarly to a reedless wind instrument like a trombone or a trumpet.

When you blow into the mouthpiece with puckered lips, the sound resonates through the tube and produces a note (after a little practice).

The length of the pipe and the shape of your mouth when you blow will both affect the pitch of the note which comes out of your horn.

The funnel on the end of the hosepipe acts as a 'bell' just like on a trumpet which helps to make the sound louder.

YolanDa goes to an allotment to explore the environment and finds interesting items that her Mighty Music Makers could make musical instruments from.

Make your own musical instrument

This activity is a great way to get your children to be creative.

Explore sounds around your environment with your children and create music.

Download the Hosepipe Horn activity sheet

How to make a Hosepipe Horn

You will need:

  • hose pipe
  • funnel
  • hose connector
  • tape
  1. Have a responsible adult help cut the hose into a suitable length. The length of the hose will change the sound it makes.

The longer your pipe, the lower the pitch of the note. Try two metres and experiment from there.

  1. Next, coil the hosepipe as neatly as you can, and use tape to keep it in place. It might be easier to do this with two people, one to hold the hose and one to secure with tape.
  1. Push your funnel into one end of the hosepipe, you might need to secure it with more tape. This will form the ‘bell’ of your horn.
  1. A mouthpiece will make your horn easier to play. Try attaching a hose connector to the other end of your hosepipe.

You’re now ready to play! Play your hosepipe horn by blowing into the mouthpiece with pursed lips. You’ll need to practice ‘buzzing’ with your lips to create the note that you want.

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