CeCe Sammy's singing techniques for teachers

CeCe Sammy is one of the UK’s leading vocal and performance coaches, a classically trained pianist and backing singer for Diana Ross, she has appeared on TV talent shows and at music events as a vocal coach, judge, advisor and talent scout.

In this series of films CeCe takes on the challenge of helping two teachers build their confidence and skills to deliver music lessons.

Stefanie Ross, a school head of marketing and registrar with a teaching background, regularly steps in to support teachers and children. She would like to gain more confidence teaching music.

Donal Brennan, a head teacher and music leader at his school, has been practicing music and dancing since childhood. He leads the school choir in assembly and believes everyone is a singer regardless of ability. He’d like to learn new techniques that he can use in his classroom.

CeCe, who has coached chart-topping talent including the Spice Girls, One Direction, S Club 7, and Leona Lewis, takes Stefanie and Donal through their paces as she demonstrates the methods all teachers can use in the classroom.

Ce Ce Sammy Singing Techniques

Basic techniques
Teacher confidence
Putting it into practice