Andy's Animal Raps: Who lives under the sea?

Andy Day raps about some of the fishes and sea creatures found in the ocean.

CBeebies presenter Andy Day sings and raps in this underwater hip-hop video, featuring a blue whale, a fish and lobster.

The oceans are the home of many diverse living things that have evolved to survive in completely different ways.

Some of the creatures breathe using their gills, like fishes and crustaceans, whereas some, like whales will take deep breathes before they submerge deep in to the water.

Hip-hop was created in the Bronx, one of the five boroughs of New York, in the 1970s at neighbourhood block parties.

Teacher notes

This resource could be used to introduce new habitats and show how animals and plants exist in different environments.

Extension activities based on patterns, shapes, humanities and sciences could be prompted from this video.

Curriculum notes

This clip is relevant for teaching Music and Sciences at at Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and Scotland.

It also suitable for teaching KS1 in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland and 1st level in Scotland.

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