About Bring the Noise

An enjoyment and appreciation of music is a special gift to give a child and from Autumn 2019 BBC Education will deliver an ambitious educational campaign called Bring the Noise, designed to inspire every child to become a musician and discover the joys of music-making.

The BBC and its partners will be turning the spotlight on music education, championing its benefits in the classroom and aiming to support primary school teachers to teach music more confidently in the classroom as well as encouraging music-making at home.

Several studies have shown the benefits of teaching music in the classroom, not only improving the well-being of children but also impacting on their ability to learn.

We also know there is a strong desire among the teaching community to include music education as part of a broad and balanced curriculum.

However, with ever increasing demands on teacher time it's no surprise that sometimes music education is left out.

Our aim with ‘Bring the Noise’ is to make music teaching and learning easy and engaging right across the curriculum, supporting teachers to place music education at the heart of every classroom.

Bring the Noise will support teachers and parents to help every child aged between four and seven-years-old, across the UK, to take their first steps towards a life of musical enjoyment.

Resources for your classroom and beyond

Alongside free, dedicated educational resources and a range of inspirational films and animations plus ideas for events across the school calendar, we’ll offer CPD opportunities directly supporting teachers with the latest techniques to bring music education to life their classroom.

And because music doesn’t stop at the classroom door we’ll be providing free resources, ideas and activities to help parents support their children in their ongoing musical adventure.

Musical inspiration

Working with some of the biggest names from across all genres of music, we’ll deliver exciting and inspirational content across the BBC to bring our message to as many teachers, parents and children as possible.

We’ll be working in partnership with a wide range of music and creative organisations, building a network of committed partners to help provide access to music for everyone.

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