SEND: Telling a story with music and sensory exploration

This activity is suitable for Early Years and children with severe learning difficulties.

The exercise is aimed at giving you the confidence to read a story to your class using sensory exploration and incorporating simple songs.

What materials you need for this activity

To tell this musical story you will need the following objects:

  • Rucksack or travelling bag

  • Hand-held fan

  • Spray bottle

  • Green Raffia skirt or shredded green paper

  • Mud – a mixture of cornflour, water and instant coffee or chocolate

  • Shaving foam to simulate snow

  • Warm gel pads or sun cream

Curriculum notes

These clips are suitable for teaching music at EYFS and Key Stage 1 in England, Foundation in Wales, Early Years and Foundation KS1 in Northern Ireland and Early and First Level in Scotland.

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