Music resources for disabled learners

Watch Taj and Anonna discuss the resources available to teachers that can benefit those with additional learning needs.

Beatboxer Bigg Taj and music specialist Anonna disprove the belief that music can only be taught with musical instruments. They go through each of the options that make suitable replacements as well as illustrating activities for those with limited access to instruments.

Listen to the songs on Play It! and explore these SEND resources with BBC Bring the Noise songs; I am a Robot, Be in the Band, Take You Home and Golden.

Body percussion and sounds produced from the body are not only an adequate substitute but an opportunity to get creative. What sounds will you and your pupils make?

Taj and Anonna showcase some of the music technologies available that don’t require formal training in music to use. Music technology can also be a good option of learning for those with restricted physical movement.

Resources for young disabled learners or those with additional support needs

Teacher Techniques: Golden
Teacher Techniques: I am a Robot
Teacher Techniques: Take You Home
Teacher Techniques: Be In The Band