Teacher Techniques: Pupils with additional support needs

BBC Bring the Noise, with the support from teachers and experts, presents a set of introductory music lessons for use with young disabled learners or those with additional support needs.

Watch as beatboxer Bigg Taj briefly outlines the activities in the upcoming episodes and presents a series of starter tips so that you’re ready to deliver a music class, even if you’ve never led one before.

Each film is accompanied by a downloadable lesson plan and lyric sheet so you have everything you need to support your lesson. Each activity in the films has been inspired by one of the exclusive songs found on BBC Bring the Noise and are compatible with Play It!, the digital interactive learning tool.

Learn how four teachers adapted the songs I am a Robot, Be in the Band, Take You Home and Golden to support the needs of their pupils and gain confidence utilising music technology and other resources for the activities.

The songs and activities are suitable for young learners who are visually impaired or blind, deaf, restricted with physical movement and diagnosed with autism or Down's syndrome.

Resources for young disabled learners or those with additional support needs

Teacher Techniques: Golden
Teacher Techniques: I am a Robot
Teacher Techniques: Take You Home
Teacher Techniques: Be In The Band
Resources for young disabled learners: Using musical tools in lessons