SEND: Sensory songs to teach phonics and counting

This activity will be suitable for children with mild learning difficulties.

Watch and find out how to use simple songs to give children the opportunity to create voice sounds and develop an understanding of numbers.

Using pictures, symbols and objects, the children can to connect songs, voices and sounds together.

What materials you need for this activity

The objects and pictures you will need for the activities are:

  • Analogue clock

  • Ball

  • Toy train

  • Bumble bee

  • Slide

  • Blanket

  • Toy rocket

  • Toy snake

  • Cow hand puppet

  • Three cups, paper or plastic

  • Velcro strip of removable numbers

  • reasonable amount of number cards

Curriculum notes

These clips are suitable for teaching music at EYFS and Key Stage 1 in England, Foundation in Wales, Early Years and Foundation KS1 in Northern Ireland and Early and First Level in Scotland.

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