Learning at home: What we're doing to support teachers

During term time we broadcast educational programmes for primary schools - on the CBBC channel as well as on iPlayer - providing support for children and schools unable to access online resources.

Programming for primary pupils broadcasts on the CBBC channel between 09:00 and 12:00 each school day. This Bitesize Learning Zone draws on a rich archive of content from BBC Education, CBBC and the BBC Natural History Unit. The shows are split into age groups (5-7 year-olds, 7-9 year-olds and 9-11 year-olds), and are designed for teachers to use in the classroom, or for use at home for parents who want to help children catch-up.

Bitesize Learning Zone is also where you'll catch new episodes of Bitesize Daily Primary, focusing on maths, English and (from spring term 2022), geography. These programmes will include lessons from teachers and will also see a dedicated wellbeing day, designed to encourage good mental and physical health.

The shows are led by well-known CBBC presenters, supported by primary school teachers who guide students through each day’s lessons. This series also features a brand new character called CLOGS – a super smart robot with a keen grasp of the curriculum, but a lot to learn about life on planet Earth!

Bitesize Learning Zone has now finished broadcasting for the school year.

Most programmes are also available to catch-up on for one year, on-demand on BBC iPlayer:

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