Are gaming jobs just for coders?

A job for me?

The games industry has pretty much exploded over the past decade. Exciting developments in the ever-changing world of tech have made games more advanced than ever before. What's more, a rise in mobile gaming is creating a whole load of new and exciting jobs that didn’t even exist five years ago.

Whether you’re a Candy Crush queen, a COD fanatic, or you always find yourself thinking up new worlds, fantasy lands and characters, Radio 1’s gaming experts Dan and Phil are here to delve into the industry and help you explore whether there’s a job in there for you.

Final Fact-asy

The video games industry in facts (statistics true as of 2015).

Emo goose?

Gaming gurus Dan and Phil are hyped about the range of careers in the gaming industry right now. Especially for an emo goose...

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