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Pilot ended 15th December 2016
Your Memories trailer
Your Memories
Create a slideshow of photos, music and BBC programme clips. Try it for yourself, or create a show for a friend, relative, elderly person, or someone with dementia. Best viewed on Desktop, laptop or tablet

The Inside Story

We spoke to Liza Greig, Producer of Your Memories to find out more.

What is Your Memories?

Your Memories is the latest version of Your Story. This time round, the content has been chosen to evoke memories of your life. You can create a slideshow for yourself and share it, bringing back memories you have in common with your friends. Or you can create a slideshow for someone you know, perhaps an elderly relative or someone with dementia.

What’s special about Your Memories is that it’s designed to stimulate conversation and memory sharing. You can watch shows together with someone, and have a good chat about their life. This can help isolated people and those with dementia feel valued and connected.

How does it work?

Input a few bits of biographical information, and Your Memories creates a slideshow of photos, music and BBC programme clips that are evocative of a person's life story, particularly their childhood and early adult years - the years when people tend to have the most vivid memories.

How was it made?

Your Memories brings together photos, music and clips from BBC programmes. We went digging in the archive for material that will remind of people's childhood, schooldays, working and social lives, as well as interests and hobbies. We also looked for big news stories everyone remembers, and favourite TV and radio programmes.

Your Memories