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Pilot ended 26th July 2016
What is That?
What is That? trailer
What is That?
It's a little quiz with big mysteries. We ramp up the magnification on familiar objects and materials to reveal their magnificence, the question is - can you guess what it is?

The Inside Story

We caught up with Kate Bartlett from BBC Science to find out more.

What is 'What Is That'?
It is a quiz of intriguing and beautiful microscopic images where you can test your skills at solving, from four options, what the image is.

How does it work?
You are presented with a set of microscopic images, you select to view one and are given four choices of what it could be. You select an answer to reveal whether you are correct and to find out some surprising facts. You are prompted to share the image and challenge a friend to have a go at guessing what it is. There are 15 images to test yourself on.

Why was it made?
Microscopic images are both fascinating and informative, we wanted to present them in such a way as to intrigue people to guess what the images are and learn a new ‘pub fact’ to share with their friends. We want to inspire people to find out more about the world around them by presenting scientific imagery in an accessible way. We want to test whether presenting science in a quiz format makes it more appealing.

What next?
We are hoping this quiz format proves successful and addictive – there are some incredible images and facts out there (not just microscopic) we want to share.

What is That?