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Pilot ended 3rd August 2018
Life as a Roman trailer
Life as a Roman
Welcome to the replica Roman villa at Butser Ancient Farm. Use the interactive hotspots to explore the 360 villa and uncover its secrets!

The Inside Story

Life as a Roman is a collaboration between Butser Ancient Farm and the BBC as part of the landmark Civilisations series which tells the story of art from the dawn of human history to the present day, for the first time on a global scale.

In addition to the television programme there is a digital strand of content led by BBC Research & Development and BBC Arts and this is a result of this Culture UK initiative.

Culture UK, BBC R&D and BBC Arts offered the museum sector, galleries and libraries an opportunity to be involved in the programme. Through offering them exclusive access to a suite of digital tools (two BBC-made and two licensed from third party suppliers), more than 700 BBC Archive materials, and a wealth of R&D expertise. Butser Ancient Farm submitted the idea to use 360 video to explore the ancient Roman villa and the BBC helped them realise their idea.

Life as a Roman