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Pilot ended 14th January 2016
TransFigure trailer
The web your way! TransFigure money amounts on any webpage to see them expressed in other fun and topical ways.

The Inside Story

We spoke to Matt Andrews, Creative Technologist with the Digital Guerrillas to get the facts behind the figures.

So, what does TransFigure do?

‘TransFigure’ takes any URL and identifies any currency values within that web page before converting that figure into more unexpected units of measurement such as Freddos, nurses or license fees.

Where did the idea come from?

It started out as a bit of a joke; someone on our team said “What if we could change webpages to show how many Freddo bars you could buy?” and I thought I’d be able to throw together a quick browser extension to do it.

We initially just wanted to make people laugh with the absurdity of seeing house prices expressed in chocolate bars, but as we developed it and thought about adding other options, it became quite poignant as we added things like nurse’s salaries or TV licenses.

What do you think audiences will make of it?

Hopefully people will find it funny at first and shareable – when we were building it we were competing to find funny webpages to run it against and different filters to try on them. It’d be great if it made people think, too, though.