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Pilot ended 1st August 2021
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Well-placed music can add to any spoken word performance. This project lets the audience create it. Choose your reader and take the controls, switching seamlessly between atmospheric texture and banging beats.
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The Inside Story

The Reader Remix was created by Gavin Inglis as part of Alternarratives, a Nesta led programme to help writers explore innovation in short-form storytelling. Nesta are collaborating with BBC Taster to help test the experiences - please view, rate and give us your feedback above.

Where did the idea come from?

I love to perform my stories.

In recent years I’ve added the extra element of a soundtrack to some, whether it’s the sweeping strings behind a Hitchcock tale or the sinister chimes of a puzzle box. Many people didn’t have the chance to learn music when they were younger, or they learned the tough discipline of an instrument without ever reaching a point where they could enjoy its freedom of expression.

Also, to the casual eye a DJ controller looks like the cockpit of a 747. The Reader Remix aims to fix all that, with a simple interface any reader can use to set music to a spoken performance.

How did you make it?

For the project, I wrote a new story about a first-time DJ, recorded it, and composed the loops of music that would support it. Rhiannon Grist kindly recorded an alternative version so readers could choose between a female or male voice.

The rest of the time was spent writing Javascript code to build the interface. It should work OK on mobile, but it was designed for a desktop computer. And big speakers. The next step in development would be to allow people to record and remix their own stories, with different styles of music to suit. In the meantime, have fun.

More about Alternarratives

Nesta ran an open call for bold, creative ideas that explore new ways to tell a story and push the boundary of how we consume literature. This was a chance for writers and creatives to consider the future of storytelling and make use of new technologies or formats.

Nesta provided nine creators with bursaries and bespoke support to make their ideas a reality - now we need your help to pick a winner. BBC Taster and Nesta are asking the public to test, rate and provide feedback on the live projects. Anyone can view them and have your say on who wins, but we’re specifically encouraging 13-16 year olds to tell us how they engaged with the works. We will view the public feedback with an expert panel to help select the final winner.

Find out more about the programme.


The Reader Remix