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Pilot ended 30th December 2015
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Find Laura's killer using state-of-the art face and voice recognition technology, Saturneye.
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The Inside Story

BBC Writersroom is a development team working in partnership with other BBC departments. We caught up with them to talk about The Last Hours of Laura K.

What is ‘The Last Hours of Laura K’?

It’s an immersive online murder mystery and ground-breaking digital experience placing you, the audience, at the heart of the story.

Using 24 hours of footage from the fictional surveillance programme SATURNEYE, 'The Last Hours of Laura K' is a disconcertingly intimate, unfiltered and impartial look into Laura’s last hours before her death. The 24-hour video file is only half of the story.

To find the killer, you have to immerse yourself in the characters’ digital lives via their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, looking for clues and motives seeded by our writers over months to help you identify the killer.

We're really proud of it and it's been short-listed for a few awards, so fingers crossed!

This sounds huge, what challenges did you overcome?

The last 24 hours of Laura’s life were filmed over an extraordinary 16 days across London, from the Southbank to St Martins at Kings Cross, from Farringdon to Dalston by a small team.

The writers (Gabriel Bisset Smith, who also directs; Rachel De-lahey, who plays Laura Kitchens; Kenny Emson; and Ed Sellek) have also created over 40 character profiles on social media, as well as an alternative newsblog SP117.

All the narrative threads are there to be discovered...

What was the inspiration for the project?

The project was originally inspired by the Edward Snowden quote, 'I don’t want to live in a world where everything that I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity, love or friendship, is recorded'. It aims to challenge the traditional conventions of storytelling, and question how we live our lives now.

The development of 'The Last Hours of Laura K' began with a BBC Writersroom residential innovation lab, as the writers and producers explain.

Sign me up! How can I find out more?

You can join the investigation at www.thelasthoursoflaurak.com and follow proceedings on Twitter and Facebook where you can share information and discus theories and if you think you know who killed Laura K then email us at info@saturneye.org and #savethesecret (please don't spoil it for others). There’s also a leaderboard that can be seen here.

The Last Hours of Laura K