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Pilot ended 17th January 2016
State of Terror trailer
State of Terror
Veteran journalist Peter Taylor reveals the inner workings of the world’s most dangerous terror group. It’s an astonishing look into the brutal, & terrifyingly efficient world of Islamic State. #StateOfTerror

The Inside Story

State of Terror
Inside story

We asked State of Terror’s producer, Freddie Martin about his multi media article on ISIS.

Could you tell us more about this project?

The article will be an in-depth analysis of the phenomenal expansion of Islamic State over the past year – how it makes its money, its organization, its recruitment and it’s threat both regionally and globally. We used cutting-edge journalism across three films to deliver an engaging, challenging and astonishing view into the brutal, ruthless and amazingly efficient world of Islamic State.

It’s a formidable subject… what was the most exciting aspect for you?

Getting to the bottom of how a rag-tag bunch of jihadists became the most deadly terror army in the world, with aspirations of statehood – and investigating the reasons why so many young people around the world are drawn to their banner.

How did you go about making it?

Peter Taylor has written the words, we’ve been collecting media from various on-going edits and making re-cuts as well as filming bespoke interviews and sourcing still images. I’m now working closely with a digital technician to pull the whole piece together in the interactive storytelling tool Shorthand.

We’re trying to deliver an article that is both informative and accessible, challenging and exciting. We’re using lots of interactive graphics and re-cut videos to give the piece a visual appeal that will appeal to all ages.

What do you think audiences will make of it?

I think readers will be amazed by some of the details of IS’s rise, how much money they have and how adept they are at social media. Aspects of the article will explain a lot more about IS to a young audience in a way they can relate to. Our navigation page should also allow people to read as much as they want and navigate around the piece quickly and easily.

State of Terror