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Pilot ended 31st May 2016
ShakespeareMe trailer
This account is no longer being operated, ShakespeareMe has downed its digital quill’. “All’s Done, All’s Won”.

The Inside Story

ShakespeareMe was created as part of the BBC’s Shakespeare Festival. We caught up with BBC Learning's Innovation Producer, Jenny Chapman, to find out more.

What is ShakspeareMe?

Shakespeare’s stories are all about emotion, but quotes from his works don’t always immediately feel relevant to our lives today. BBC Learning therefore wanted to find a way for people to apply his clever words to their own emotions, enabling them to connect with them in a new and innovative way.

How does it work?

We worked with Magnetic North to develop their idea of translating the emojis many of us use each day into Shakespeare’s words. Each emoji has been linked to an emotion such as anger, jealousy, happiness etc. and generates quotes which express that emotion. Once a second emoji is selected the list of quotes becomes even more personalised - i.e. representing anger AND jealousy. Picking a third emoji means the quote is pretty much matched just to you.

What happens now?

We hope Shakespeare’s words will be shared and enjoyed across social media. It has been an entertaining process. Who wouldn’t want to be a knavish sprite or use a leek to knock a pate?