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Pilot ended 17th January 2016
Scrubbables trailer
GIFs are so last year. Try your hand at this set of weird and wonderful micro-videos that let you scrub back and forth through every single frame. Just don’t get too addicted.
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The Inside Story

Inside story

We forced Marco Crivellari, Interactive & Storytelling Producer, to tell us all about Scrubbables.

Can you describe Scrubbables to us?

Scrubbables is a new micro-video tool developed by BBC iWonder. It lets you scroll backwards and forwards through a video clip at your own speed. It’s a really tactile and playful way of manipulating video.

What kind of clips work best?

We spent a lot of time experimenting to find an answer to that, trying to find the best match-up possible between the tool and the content.

After a long search through the BBC archives for the raw materials, we felt that clips that give you a short narrative and slapstick comedy worked really well. We also decided to create our own bespoke clips and add some data and visual flourishes.

What were you trying to achieve?

We want scrubbin’ to feel addictive and fun. A sort of more-ish little treat, the kind of thing that people might want to share.

The potential for sharing via this tool is huge; we hope that it will be a new form of animating gif that is by its nature interactive and immersive.

So what happens now?

Like everything on Taster, it really depends on how it goes down with the audience. Hopefully they will use it, enjoy it and spread the word!

What we know for sure is that there is a new Scrubbable tool coming SOON that lets you create your own Scrubbable.