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Pilot ended 3rd August 2018
Capturing London's Light trailer
Capturing London's Light
Using immersive 360 video we take a look at some glorious examples of London’s stained glass windows, an alchemy of art and science that has captivated us for over 800 years – and a magical window into the past.

The Inside Story

Capturing London's Light takes a 360 look at the beauty and fragility of London's stained glass

Capturing London's Light is a collaboration between the BBC and Heritage of London Trust as part of the Civilisations Festival, a partnership to co-incide with the TV series Civilisations from BBC Arts.

Here, Heritage of London Trust wanted to tell the story of London’s stained glass, a fragile but beautiful tradition creating breathtaking interior spaces - and three projects which are bringing it back to life.

It’s one of number of strands of innovative digital content produced with Festival Partners led by the BBC’s Research & Development teams with BBC Arts. Civilisations can be seen on BBC TWO and BBC iPlayer.

Capturing London's Light