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Pilot ended 23rd December 2015
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A five day internet takeover, these guys are meme machines. Come and get a giggle on!
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The Inside Story

We cajoled Ian Ravenscroft to spill his beans, Ian is the Storyliner for Digital Guerrillas and Editorial lead for the Odd Taste project...

What is Odd Taste?

Odd Taste is a 5-day long social media experiment during which we will bring you fresh and funny content via BBC Taster's social media profiles – it's all curated and brought together on a BBC Taster-hosted Tumblr.

The content will be created by a fast-turnaround production unit, working together with 'internet talent' to create rapid-response topical comedy in uniquely digital formats.

How did you find your 'internet talent'?

First I scoured the internet for funny people that were already creating the kind of content that I wanted to feature - Clever, funny, unique voices that were drawing audiences. Then I went into an in-depth process of creating a structure that would allow them the freedom to express themselves, but would also satisfy the requirements of working with a corporation like the BBC. It’s a balance I hope we’ve struck.

What's the most exciting aspect of Odd Taste?

The technology isn’t new, but the make-up of the team is; we're pulling together a whole new kind of creative team. The creatives involved aren’t from TV or traditional media at all, they are born and raised on the internet which gives them a unique voice. It’s a new format for our instant, always-on times.

A lot of artforms like music or film start with bedroom enthusiasts. I think that’s where we are with internet comedy. There isn’t a real structure or career path for it, so I wanted to give these voices a professional platform to see what happened.


Odd Taste