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Pilot ended 12th January 2017
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Connect with Twitter and pick friends to act as companions on your quest. Test your knowledge of their social media activity as you battle through the dungeon together
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The Inside Story

We spoke to Lynsey Reynolds, Digital Designer for the Digital Guerrillas, to find out more about Mates Vs Monsters.

How does Mates Vs Monsters work?

It connects to your Twitter account and uses your social data, and that of your chosen friends, to influence the game and the challenges within it.

In-game success depends on the strength of your Twitter presence and how well you know your personal social network.

How was it made?

Mates vs Monsters was produced in house by the Digital Guerrillas in Birmingham.

The idea originally came from a desire to test the possibilities of using social data to explore a new direction for quizzes and personalisation.

How did you decide on the distinctive design?

We allowed the ‘dungeon’ storyline to influence the design, taking inspiration from classic RPGs and fantasy formats.

We worked with an illustrator, Happy Toast (https://twitter.com/iamhappytoast), to get the look right and inject some light-heartedness into the characters.

Are there any further plans for Mates vs Monsters?

We would like to find out how engagement with this format compares to ‘traditional’ quiz engines.

If successful, the underpinning engine of Mates vs Monsters can be easily adapted or re-skinned to create new experiences.

Mates Vs Monsters